Meet the research team:

1Dr Paul Hardiman
Consultant Gynaecologist,
University College London, UK

Dr Thomas Morewood
Royal Free Hospital, London, UK

Valejoni Gjomemo
Research Midwife,
University College London, UK

Fang_Qu_JPEGProf Fan Qu


Women's Hospital/ School of Medicine

Zhejiang University





Hemali Parekh 
MSc Prenatal Genetics &
Fetal Medicine,
University collage London, UK

Eileen Moran
MSc Psychology, Research Assistant,
London, UK

Dr Roshan Zeirideen Zaid
Newham NHS Teaching Hospital, London, UK
Dr John Barry
Chartered Psychologist,
University College London, UK

Dr Ruban Shivaraja 
Royal Free Hospital, London, UK

Lisa Brackenridge
Research Nurse, 
University College London, UK

Noelia Leite
Chartered Practicioner Psychologist,
London, UK

Sarah Anderson
Biomedical Sciences Student,
University Collage London, UK

Dr Michael Thomas
Consultant Clinical Scientist,
Department of Clinical Biochemistry,
Royal Free Hospital,                                           London, UK


The PCOS Research Panel

The group formed in December 2013, including participants from previous studies as members, Chaired by Dr John Barry.

The purpose of this group is:


  • To identify research areas and specific projects that are potentially useful to women with PCOS
  • To be active in raising awareness of PCOS for the general public and GPs
  • To encourage the development of one-stop clinics where women with PCOS can have all symptoms treated under one roof
  • To encourage the NHS to engage more in preventative medicine in PCOS



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